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Don’t think, just do it 😍

Really want this babe to join me in Van!!

Starting my FW19 wish list...

Yes I’ll need another closet 😂

So sad that none of these stores offer gift cards but Anthropologie, Aritzia, Saks & Sephora gcs are always so so appreciated ❤️
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Vancouver - many of you have been asking and I’m finally ready to pull the trigger. Can’t believe it will have been over a year since my last visit!

October 23-27th

Reach out to prebook 💌
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So thankful for my Montreal lovers ❤️My available time is spoken for but I can always be swayed by a duo with hottie @MissSashaJo.

25th daytime - you know what to do!
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Lea Abrams @Inlustwithlea
Montreal, a few wonderful gents convinced to come back sooner rather than later!

Catch me Sept 23-26th. Reach out to prebook 💌

Did you miss me? Cuz I sure missed you ❤️ Inlustwithlea photo

Reach out and let’s plan a night to remember 🥂 Inlustwithlea photo